Since the early 2000s, when we saw Michigan’s bedrock industries begin to contract, there has been a slow yet steady reemergence of angel investors in Michigan investing in entrepreneurs. Today, there are more than 11 established angel groups throughout the state with nearly 400 members. The Michigan Angel Community represents the next-step in the evolution of this reemerging angel market, which is crucial to developing Michigan’s next generation industries and forging a prosperous future.

The Michigan Angel Community (the “Community” or “MAC”) is a new initiative to accelerate the growth of the angel investor population in Michigan as well as investment into Michigan companies. The Community will work diligently to:

  • Educate and expand the base of angel investors in Michigan

  • Hold statewide events and programs for angels

  • Foster greater collaboration, affiliation, and social engagement among angels

  • Collect and report on metrics annually to help guide and promote the growth of the market with policymakers, potential angels, and out-of-state investors; and

  • Ultimately, to unlock more of the private wealth in our state to vastly increase investment into Michigan entrepreneurial ventures, increasing the number of successful Michigan startups, and helping to advance and keep our state competitive in the 21st Century and beyond.